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AT&T To Roll Out 4G LTE In New York

Greetings to all people who now are trapped/subscribed to AT&T. AT&T are currently reporting that they are unveiling their 4G LTE over the air Internet service “very soon”, they never gave a date or anything but a “soon”. New York will be the sixth city to instate theĀ  4G Long Term Evolution service through AT&T.

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Apple’s iOS 5 Overview

Now with the iPhone 4s released, now is a great time to have an overview what you will With the new update that rolled out for all iDevices ranging from iPhones to iPod Touches to iPads, it is a pretty big deal considering the market share that these devices have. But if you are in [...]

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Top 18 Tech Enthusiasts To Follow On Twitter

If you have not noticed yet this website, Guide Goods is primarily focused on producing content helping you to become tech smarter. Today I have composed a list of the top people to follow on Twitter that are tech enthusiasts like myself. There will be some well known names and some not so well known [...]

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Google Wave Contest

A while back I was invitedto the the popular Google Wave.Google Wave is a new website by Google. It lets you talk,chat, and message your friends.  Many people say this is going to be the next Myspace or Facebook because of the simplicity and wide array of features it brings. Google Wave is currently still [...]

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