PhotoShop Gives A Sneak Peek Of New Feature “Motion Blur Killer”

Tired of taking shots with your point and shoot camera on a perfect scene where everything is good for a photo, except when you taken the slot and look at your picture preview the photo is all blurry? Tired of shots where your subject was completely still but came out like a 1940’s Bigfoot photo?

I sure know I am… (after dealing with these scenarios more than I would like to)

Right now at Adobe’s MAX 2011 Conference, a new planned feature for Photoshop officially but un-officially (not the final name) dubbed “Motion Blur Killer” does what it is said to be done. Removes (kills) that unwanted motion blur that a slight movement caused to murder your photos. It is still a prototype and wont work for mis-focused shots but still, if I had a penny for each shot with that unwanted motion blur, I would have 5 US dollars.

The rep on the video wont say which version of Photoshop it will ship with (Hopefully when CS6 comes out we’re guessing) but on the video featured here, a few clicks and the photo is restored.

Photoshop analyses how bad the picture is blurred, how did the blur happen (like if you moved the camera slightly left and the photo made it look like you we traveling left at a 100 km/h) then reverses what happened and compensates for it.

It is really cool tech and could signify even new features of what may come of our future cameras. Now if I could only find that burred sunset photo, that was a good shot…

Tell us that you think in the comments below.

46.thumbnail PhotoShop Gives A Sneak Peek Of New Feature Motion Blur Killer

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