“Facebook for iPad”, is now out


After about 2 years since the iPad’s release, there has been no official iPad App from Facebook for its use of the social network. There was a leaked one but still not a stable release. That has changed today, now you can download the official iPad App for Facebook off of the App Store today. (Even though there has been already 3rd Party IPad Facebook apps for quite some time)

(A screen shot of the Facebook iPad App)

The mobile version of Facebook will now feature Social Game posts on your news feed. (Yay!) so when you tap Farmville on Facebook, your iPad will fast switch to the app if its installed. If you didn’t have it installed it would link you to the App Store Page with the game/app ready to download.

This app integration also works with the Facebook’s mobile web version. Facebook also now revamped it’s mobile Facebook site, and if there is a mobile web version of the app it will lead you to it. Invitations in turn will also be seamless from any platform that uses the new framework. (This feature will also be available for android users later.) Hopefully these features can help App/Game Developers get more use out of their creations on Facebook. (You can look at the showcase here http://www.facebookmobileweb.com/showcase/)

It also will have HD Video support, Air Play, so if you have a video playing on your iPad it can also be streamed to your Apple TV device.

This is one of the many signs Facebook will be doing more with HTML5. Some developer blog posts have talked about making games in HTML 5, and will likely will sourcing open source developer tools later on.

But these news are not so ground breaking, it has been stated that the app has been ready for launch even since May and their lead developer has even left for that reason though. But the games premise sounds nice.

What do you think?, tell us in the comments below.

46.thumbnail “Facebook for iPad”, is now out

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2 Responses to ““Facebook for iPad”, is now out”

  1. Wow,that;s hard to believe it took that long for a flippin’ Facebook app to show up!


  2. andreas from Flyttirmor Stockholm 11. Oct, 2011 at 2:03 AM

    Thanks for this! I guess I’ll be more attached with my iPad now as I only uses it some time when traveling. Glad to know these more improved changes of facebook in mobiles.