Apple’s iOS 5 Overview

Now with the iPhone 4s released, now is a great time to have an overview what you will

With the new update that rolled out for all iDevices ranging from iPhones to iPod Touches to iPads, it is a pretty big deal considering the market share that these devices have. But if you are in the dark of knowing what is so important about this update, we have the answer in this Post.

(Before I begin I would like to say that not all these features are available on certain generations of hardware, you have been notified.)

New Features Included

-New Personal Setup- When you get a new iDevice (Or reset your device) you also have a new personal setup when you first start it up where you can set it up right at the device instead of got o iTunes screen. A newly redesigned interface adds the inclusion of even restoring your old setup from a previous iDevice (But only from the same model, you cant open a iPod back up on a iPad, but you can do it for iPod to iPhone or vise-versa). Everything you did at iTunes is in a easy on phone/pad/touch system. I like it.

-iCloud- In case if you haven’t known about this new feature to iDevices, iCloud allows people to universally store their photos, documents, music across the internet and now your iDevice can share your files across the web.

-Over the Air Updates-Now you can get small time updates over the internet.

-New Camera App Features- (With new effects for times of fun!)

-Twitter Integration

-iMessage- The messaging system of the future. TalkĀ  with Apple devices with iOS 5. Receive delivery notifications and see when recipients are typing.

-NewsStand- Here you can manage all your news subscriptions here

-New Reminder System- Create reminders that can be set with date and location information.

-Siri- Your own personal manager that you can talk to with your voice. Set up appointments, do commands all while just talking to your iPhone 4S, yes its only available on the iPhone 4s.

New Features Included for iPad

-Multi-Touch Gestures- Now multi-touch gestures have been added and you can do commands with a flick of your finger(s).

-Split Keyboard- Now the keyboard can be split the keyboard so it fits your thumbs when typing, and hey now you see more of your screen.



46.thumbnail Apples iOS 5 Overview

About the author

Angelo was with a Windows ME computer and a copy of Half-Life, these two things were needed to spark the interest of a young boy in all things tech. This interest brought him to writing articles and with a passion to teach.

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