The Myth of Building Too Many Links At Once

The instinctive easy way to strengthen a particular web page’s SEO is to load the sucker with as many links as possible. But any seasoned SEO strategist will tell you that while links are always good, too many is definitely bad.

Google’s advanced algorithms are just too good to let such a simple gimmick get in the way of authenticating the true value of a particular page. Yet the true consequences of overloading a web page with links are often misconstrued with fears that Google is out to get you if you ever dare surpass their recommended link limit.

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In fact, it was Google’s curiously questionable “100-link limit” that has for years made SEO strategists wonder how important the issue of too many links could be. Until recently, the “rule” was included in Google’s guidelines for webmasters.

It’s removal caused many to wonder what the true intentions behind the rule were. Was it to safeguard the search engine against spam? Or was it just to scare webmasters into not pushing potentially excessive amounts of links?

It turns out Google’s original concern about pages including more than 100 links had to do with their early capabilities. Once upon a time, Google could only index so much of a page due to limits in available bandwidth.

This limit equaled out to about 100 links on a page. If a page had more, then Google’s bots would bypass it, excluding it from ranking. That was enough to scare SEOs straight.

But according to comments made by Matt Cutts, Google’s search science guru, the idea that more than 100 links is life-threatening to your website is not necessarily true despite the maxim still remaining to be a good rule of thumb for amateur web designers. Cutts claims that he himself will publish blog posts with even 200 links in them.

He says that the 100-link limit is more for the benefit of starting SEO than Google. Without preexisting strength to counter-act the negative reaction visitors will experience when seeing so many links, many small sites will struggle with low pagerank so long as they pump pages full of links.

As far as Google banning pages with more than 100 links from pagerank, Cutts assures such is not the case. While it throws up red flags, even they aren’t enough to incite Google to remove the site from pagerank. Chances are the most harm will come from lowered pagerank, not from “getting caught”.

So that scheme you cooked up about creating a web page consisting of nothing but links to listings and other enormous collections of public information? It’s probably not a good idea so long as you’re still a young up-and-coming SEO.

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