7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online

All of us have listened to the radio in the past, at least once. Whether if its inside a car or on other means. Radio stations allow us to listen to whatever genre of music we like.

There are also ways to listen to the radio even on your computer. While you might not be able to listen to specific stations you can customize the type of songs that appear.

Whats cool about listening to the radio online is that sometimes on regular radio stations they don’t always play the songs you like. I can relate to this issue because I can account many times in the past where I wanted to listen to a type of rock but all they had was heavy metal which I am not too much into.

With online radio stations I can listen to whichever type of music I want and even sometimes find other artists or bands that I have never listened too before.

The following sites allow you to either listen to online radio straight from their respected sites or they’ll link to where the radio station is available.

Slacker+Personal+Radio+ +Listen+to+Free+Internet+Radio+Stations 1294271019394 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online
Free+Internet+Radio+ +SHOUTcast+Radio+ +Thousands+of+Free+Online+Radio+Stations 1294271141991 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online

Internet+Radio+Stations+Online+with+Free+Radio.+Instantly+Listen+to+Music+Online+%252B+News%252C+Talk%252C+Sports... 1294271323092 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online
Live365+Internet+Radio+Network+ +Music+Online%252C+Free+Web+Radio 1294272280839 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online
Free+Radio+Stations%252C+Free+Internet+Radio%252C+Online+Music%252C+Live+Web+Radio+ +Music+Genres 1294272376192 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online

Pandora+Radio+ +Listen+to+Free+Internet+Radio%252C+Find+New+Music 1294272447168 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online
Home+%25E2%2580%2593+Last.fm 1294272513869 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online
  • What do you think of my choices?
  • Do you know of any other cool sites like the one above?
  • Whats your favorite genre of music icon smile 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online ?

If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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Edwin.thumbnail 7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online

About the author

Edwin is a blogger, and a avid tech enthusiast. He loves teaching his readers cool internet and computer tips.

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17 Responses to “7 Cool Sites To Listen To The Radio Online”

  1. Ah, cool, mate! I'll pass this on to my wife, she loves listening to the radio (I prefer my ogg collection)

    Thanks for sharing this!
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  2. djfunkyslick Reply 06. Jan, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    excellent places! My personal fave is Pandora, but I love trying new music sites. thanks Edwin



  3. Hi Edwin,
    It's been a long time since I've last listened to the radio. I will check out the music sites you've mentioned. I liked lots of music genre such as pop, jazz, techno, country and R&B.
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  4. Oh hey Steve. Thanks for the comment. Hope your wife finds this useful :)


  5. Same here, I also love Last.FM. Both are great!


  6. Hi Johanna. I havent listened to the radio in a bit either, I prefer just using my iPod Touch. And glad you are going to visit the sites :)

    Thanks for the comment


  7. Got my last.fm account,shoutcast on Winamp but other three,never use them.Will try and thanks for recommending :)
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  8. Edwin – This is a very good list you have here. I have heard of a couple of these before like Radio Live and Live365, but I have never actually tried them out. I think this is because I didn't know you can choose the type of music you can listen to. Thanks for the list, I'm sure I will love using these online radio sites.
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  9. Man, you really like your music :) , even I havent even signed up to half of the accounts above. I only have a Pandora and Last.FM account.

    Thanks for the comment, and happy music listening :D


  10. Yep, the ability to choose what you can listen to is AWESOME! Thats why I wanted to make this post so I can share these sites with the world!

    Ha, thanks for the comment :)


  11. Hey Edwin,

    Good list always need more to listen to when working to keep myself from going crazy. Also, I like iTunes and there huge radio selection :)
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  12. Hi Garen. LOL, I hope the sites make you sane ;) also I didnt know iTunes had a radio feature in it. Thanks!


  13. Thanks Edwin for sharing those links :-)


  14. Hey Jimmy. No problem


  15. Business Loans 04. May, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    I have sky.fm on my Firefox.. Hmm.. I’ll try your to listen to them let’s see if they got my taste. :) Thanks!


  16. Hey Edwin!

    Awesome, the sad thing is I already have an account on all of these sites.

    One place you should check out is
    It’s a great place to find music that is a bit under the radar. In that, a lot of the bands on this site you never would hear other wise.

    I suggest giving it a listen.

    Thanks again, man!


  17. Veronica Cervera from Miami Real Estate 02. Jun, 2011 at 5:34 AM

    Hey Edwin,
    No doubt, your list includes some of my favorites and Pandora is one of em’ which is truly like opening a Pandora box. I like Z100 New York and KIIS of Los Angeles the most, XM Top 20 on 20 is also awesome but its a paid subscription.