RockMelt-All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

A lot of us love socializing. We go on sites like Facebook and Twitter every day to see what people are posting and to interact with others.

One of the hassles of these popular social networks is that they require you to constantly go back to it and see if someone posted something new. Doing this might actually be killing your productivity and you probably aren’t realizing it.

How do you like being a slave to social networks? 

rockmelt RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

RockMelt is a new browser (Google Chrome) that connects you to Facebook and even Twitter. It lets you be on them without technically being on. I will explain more in a bit.

rockmelt+landing+page RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

There are four main things you can do in RockMelt. You can, Share Easily, Search Faster, Connect With Friends, and Keep Up On News. I will cover what each part does so read this article till the very end.

Share Easily

RockMelt allows you to share anything you want and as the name says easily. There is a share button at the top right which makes it even simpler for you to post on FB or Twitter. By clicking on your profile picture on the side you can easily also post a new status on your page.

rockmelt+share+easily RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

Search Faster

RockMelt’s search features are really cool. You can type up your friends name inside of search and you can start up a conversation with them or see if they’ve posted anything new.

rockmelt+fb+search RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

Also, lets say you type something into the search box, when the possible choices drop down by clicking on them a little window appears and you can see at the Google results there without ever going to Google itself.

rockmelt+google RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One
Connect With Friends

Along the left side of RockMelt all of your Facebook friends are shown. There you can click on them and talk or see what they’ve posted recently posted or done.

Keep Up On News 
On the right side of RockMelt you will see notifications. It will show if anything new has happened on your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Instead of going directly to the sites it informs you of anything new straight from there. 
Also, it allows you to get updated from other sites too if you’d like.
rockmelt+notifications RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

To get RockMelt, you have to go to their website, located here and you have to connect with Facebook for an invitation to be able to use it.

Well, I hoped you liked this post. It took me a while to write it so I hope it educated and/or informed you about RockMelt.

So I have a few questions:

What do you think of RockMelt?

Do you feel it will increase or diminish your productivity?

How’d you like the review?

Answer the questions by leaving a comment below. Remember even a little simple thank you makes it all worthwhile.  

Thanks for reading!

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Edwin.thumbnail RockMelt All Your Favorite Social Networks In One

About the author

Edwin is a blogger, and a avid tech enthusiast. He loves teaching his readers cool internet and computer tips.

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19 Responses to “RockMelt-All Your Favorite Social Networks In One”

  1. Andy from FirstFound 07. Dec, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    Tweetdeck is bad for resources, yeah. Hootsuite's still a good choice though.
    My recent post Google’s on The Warpath Again


  2. Pete Carr Reply 07. Dec, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    Hi Edwin,
    Looks like a pretty cool edition to chrome. I use Firefox most of the time but am getting more and more fond of chrome.
    The nice thing about Rockmelt is that it is there in your browser, unlike say tweetdeck or hootsuite. They are ok if you use more than 1 monitor.
    Worth checking out, thanks for the heads up.
    My recent post GOAL- Whats Yours


  3. Yeah , I love how everything is integrated right into the browser. I heard TweetDeck is a massive resource hog.
    My recent post 4 Simple Ways To Build A Following On Twitter


  4. Steve Youngs Reply 07. Dec, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    Hey Edwin!

    Looks interesting. Just waiting on an invite so I can take it for a spin around the block. Not sure if it will do much to improve my productivity though… probably have the reverse affect. :-)

    Kind regards,
    My recent post 15 Minute Chicken Casserole


  5. For most people, their free version has everything you need. The pro version lets you have more social networks (free gives you 5), and I think you can also have multiple people use your hootsuite a/c in the pro version (a VA tweeting for you for example). There's probably a few other things the pro version has too, but nothing that I've ever missed. :-)
    My recent post It’s The Little Things That Count


  6. I guess HootSuite might be a good alternative but I heard that they now you have to go PRO to use any good features.
    My recent post 4 Simple Ways To Build A Following On Twitter


  7. Sounds like a convenient way to keep track of social media. Though at times having different applications in your PC can make things more confusing.

    My recent post Common SEO Myths


  8. I understand your point about it being confusing but RockMelt integrates all of them at once, its not like you have to download seperate stuff for the Twitter and/or Facebook things to work.

    Thanks for commenting Tini :)


  9. Just got my invite today… No Linux version. I won't be using it.


  10. Oh that sucks. Maybe they will make a Linux version in the future.
    My recent post 4 Simple Ways To Build A Following On Twitter


  11. raveen from PTechperk Reply 09. Dec, 2010 at 9:45 AM

    i love this browser :) nice one to connect to FB


  12. Yeah it is Praveen. Thanks for commenting


  13. Hi Edwin,
    I typically use Firefox, so I guess I'll inform my younger brother about it as he usually browses on Chrome. Thanks for sharing us your very detailed review about RockMelt.
    My recent post 10 Simple Yet Effective Tips on Writing that Everyone Should Know Part II


  14. Hi Johanna. Cool, glad you liked the review.

    Thanks for commenting
    My recent post SEO for an Online Store- Is it Necessary


  15. Hey Edwin, This looks like a good tool if you are someone that uses all the platforms. I mainly use Twitter and Facebook but don't engage enough for it to be worth trying this out. Definitely see how others would benefit though, and really awesome review/writeup – so thanks man!


  16. Thank you Alex. Yeah RockMelt is more for people that LOVE Twitter and Facebook.

    Thanks for the comment


  17. Cool @MediaMacro. I guess maybe the Twitter notifications could get annoying, just ignore them, or I think theres an option to take it off


  18. Nice review.Installed it myself (thanks to my generous friend) :-D
    and i think I like it.Umm,maybe they can minimize the twitter notifications a little :-l
    My recent post Open Source anti-theft Solution for Laptop


  19. James May from Bet on Birmingham city 16. Jun, 2011 at 6:23 AM

    Hi Edwin,
    Thanks for sharing with us about Rockmelt, its a very good review. I use only Firefox and though I’ve tried Chrome as well I’m habituated using firefox but rockfelt has me interested. If we can, share, search and connect faster and more easily this is definitely something to watch out for!