How To Organize Your Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch

 If you recently have gotten your own IPhone or IPod Touch here is a cool way to organize all the apps on your device.

This tip is very very newbie friendly. It doesnt involve jailbreaking or even getting an app in the App Store. All you got to do is get your wiggle on! Don’t worry I’ll explain icon wink How To Organize Your Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch

photo1 How To Organize Your Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch

How To Organize Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch

Alright, all you have to do is put your finger on an app, (for right now it could be whatever app you want), and wait until it begins to wiggle, jiggle, or get funky, whichever term you want to use icon smile How To Organize Your Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch

Next you get the apps you want to organize and put one on top of the other. What should happen is those two apps will go inside a folder. In this folder you can add, remove apps, or even rename it to whatever you want.

You can have an unlimited amount of folders so you can always keep your IPhone or IPod Touch nice and tidy.

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Edwin.thumbnail How To Organize Your Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch

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13 Responses to “How To Organize Your Apps On Your IPhone or IPod Touch”

  1. Just recently got iphone 4.. What a nice video here to manage your apps.. thanks!


  2. Great video… I have an iPod touch and I knew about it :)
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  3. Oh dude! Eddddddddd I have a Galaxy S!
    Make some android tutorials! :)
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  4. Hi Justin. Thanks for the kind words and the comment :)


  5. Alright Fernando, just give me some time to learn some stuff for it ;)


  6. I am thinking of getting the iPhone 4 next month, yeah I am among the last to hop on the tech trend. This tutorial will come in handy for me, thanks for making it easy to understand, Edwin.
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  7. Same here Paul, I just got my iPod touch. If you want I can make some more tutorials on this subject in the future?


  8. Cool thanks Kharim


  9. Great post, Edwin. I don't have an iPhone or iPod touch, but I can see how this info is useful. And if I ever do get one (which I plan on!), I'll come back here for sure.

    Thanks buddy!
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  10. Hey Tristan, thanks for the comment. Tell me when you get your iPod so I can make more awesome tutorials. :D


  11. Atul from TechOfWeb 17. Jan, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    simple and easy way to organize apps

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  12. Thank you dude.


  13. Veronica Cervera from Miami Real Estate 01. Jul, 2011 at 4:08 AM

    I have an iPhone 4 but other than making calls and sorting mails I’ve actually still not explored all the apps. Unlimited amount of folders is an attractive feature and for this reason I felt drawn to your post Edwin.