How To Remove Malware From Your Computer

Malware is suspicious software that without you knowing secretly accesses your computer and does things, to put it lightly. Not many people know how to remove malware from their computer and end up just going to the store to get it removed.

Doing so will just be a waste of money because they’ll just over charge you and claim their product, valued at 5 payments of $100 will remove your malware and guess what?, will also speed up your computer.

 Dont open your wallet and take out your credit card just yet. I know of a free method to remove malware from your computer.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
MalwareBytes is your weapon in the war of malware. It effectively goes out and removes all malware from your computer fast and efficiently.
It also protects you from future malware attacks so you can be sure not get them inside your system. 

You can download it for free here Free Version or buy a more advanced version of it over here Pro Version.
How To Use
 malwarebytes+anti+malware How To Remove Malware From Your Computer
Once you have finished downloading and installing Malwarebytes you will see nine tabs. The first tab ‘Scanner’, allows you to either do a Quick, Full, or Flash scan.

The other tabs are self explanatory but some of those tabs require the full version of this program to use.


Hopefully you now know how to effectively remove malware form your computer. Remember to occasionally scan your computer just in case there is a malware you might of missed on it.

Did this tutorial help you out? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Edwin is a blogger, and a avid tech enthusiast. He loves teaching his readers cool internet and computer tips.

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6 Responses to “How To Remove Malware From Your Computer”

  1. Thomas from IT-blog 24. Feb, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    I just love Malwarebytes. It has saved me so many times :-)
    Thomas@IT-blog recently posted..Remove old settings from network cards that no longer are installed



    Edwin Reply:

    It has for me too. I recently used it and it found some trojans on my PC. I bet I got saved from someone stealing my info and crap, thanks for commenting


  2. I wondered how you were going to tackle that topic, and I like the way you kept it really simple and made a good choice with Malwarebytes.



    Edwin Reply:

    Hi, thanks. Much appreciated


  3. Good Choice with malwarebyes. I have had bad experiences with McAfee and other virus removers. Last time I use McAfee It seemed like I got a virus that specifically targeted McAfee and every time I started it up it just froze up. Malwarebyes fixed this for me no problem =]
    xcargox recently posted..Trojan Zlob Removal – Malwarebytes



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