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google Automated Googling

Automated Googling is finally possible. Since being founded in 1998 Google has took the web by storm. It helps millions even billions of people everyday search for what ever subject. It is currently the #1 most visited website as stated by

This tutorial is for any one who loves or at least likes Google and want to see it automated. By automated I mean so that it types and searches for whatever you want. How better can that be?

How Is This Possible

A website by the name of LMGTFY does just that. All you have to do is visit LMGTFY and type in something. Once your done with that click either Google Search or I’m Feeling Lucky just like if you were doing it on Google. Next towards the bottom it should make a link. Click on it or copy the link and put in in your address bar.
Let+me+google+that+for+you 1269472910024 Automated Googling

I searched for example the word dog and it gave me my own personal link.
Let+me+google+that+for+you 1269472963750 Automated Googling

Then it will do the search for you ike if you were manually Googling.


Some drawbacks are that you will have to actually do twice the work. This is will be mostly for show and for a quick two second relax time.

Still even after all of that I suggest at least trying it out. Make Googling more exciting.

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3 Responses to “Automated Googling”

  1. I use this usually when on a forum site and people ask dumb questions like "What is an internet browser?"

    Type in "Internet Browser" to LMGTFY, copy the link and paste it in reply to the person who asked the dumb question….teach them a lesson to search before asking.
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  2. great one dude. better yet if some one asks what is an internet browser, just tell them your using one.


  3. Don’t go on it! They are hacking your computer!