Ready,Set,Test:Find Your Internet Speed

Welcome to Guide Goods. This is going to be a pretty quick post and technically its not a guide or tutorial but today I am going to show you a cool website. Its called Speed Test and it lets you test how fast your internet connection is. And best of all it is completely free!

Speed+Test+Image+1 Ready,Set,Test:Find Your Internet Speed

When you go on, this fairly large yellow star should appear. Just hover you mouse over it and pick your location. Don’t worry it does not ask for any more information. Now just sit back and relax and let the website do it magic. After a few seconds this whole list should come up on the side with a bunch of stats and such.

Speed+Test+Image+2 Ready,Set,Test:Find Your Internet Speed

Its really cool. It tells you how fast you can download stuff, your connection speed plus how good your internet provider is too.

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Edwin.thumbnail Ready,Set,Test:Find Your Internet Speed

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One Response to “Ready,Set,Test:Find Your Internet Speed”

  1. wow your internet is slow over in the USA :O